July 13, 2015 - AirStrato air-robot to start the flight tests in New Mexico

Today, ARCA SPACE CORPORATION CEO Dumitru Popescu and Governor Susana Martinez announced the start of ARCA SPACE Corporation activity in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This activity will include the production and flight tests of AirStrato UAS and Haas rocket series at ARCA's new facilities from Las Cruces Airport.

The company will invest $1.2 million to start the activities. The New Mexico Economic Development Department will contribute $500,000 in Local Economic Development funds toward the construction of ARCA Space’s new 14,000 sq. ft. hangar and manufacturing space. The City of Las Cruces will also provide ARCA Space abated lease of office, showroom and hanger space for one year - an estimated value of $55,000.

Download the press release here.





June 24, 2015 - Equipment delivery from ARCA Europe to US based
ARCA Space Corporation

As part of relocation program of ARCA from Europe to US, the first transport of equipment has left our facilities, from Constanta-Romania, to the ARCA SPACE CORPORATION facilities in US. The transport will take one month and it will arrive in Houston, TX and by there, by truck to Las Cruces, NM





January 31, 2015 - The Interface prototype for AirStrato was completed

The command and control center for the AirStrato aircraft, called the Interface, was completed today.
It is designed to communicate with the AirStrato via satellite, no matter how far away from aircraft. It allows the pilot to view all flight parameters, to program the autopilot or to control the aircraft assisted or in full manual mode. It also enables the pilot to activate or deactivate sub-systems or to interact with the aircraft payload. The interface is built entirely from composites.
Only high quality equipment was used on the Interface, from the display, HOTAS system, keyboard and mouse and of course the computer.
A special attention was given to the design. ARCA put a lot of hours in creating a beautiful curved design that complements the AirStrato and Accelerator.





December 26, 2014 - AirStrato 0004, ready for avionics integration

The new AirStrato 0004 is of Pioneer type and it incorporates the knowledge obtained by ARCA during the first three prototypes ground and flight tests. The main objective for AirStrato 0004 is to perform medium altitude and long endurance flights, to expand the envelope for AirStrato series. For this aircraft we succeeded to create the lightest AirStrato airframe yet. The flight tests for 0004 will start in January 2015. AirStrato is available for preorders starting with $80,000 for Pioneer and $140,000 for Explorer. More on www.airstrato.com



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