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26 November 2013


The Executor 2 Rocket Engine was integrated on the test stand


ARCA completed a first integration on the test stand of the Executor 2 rocket engine, for the Haas 2B rocket.

ARCA took the decision to develop the Executor 2 rocket engine as a fast and cost effective alternative for the Haas 2B rocket.

At the beginning of 2013, when the cooperation with the European Space Agency started, it was obvious that the human resources will be stretched to the limit. Because of that ARCA decided to start the development of a rocket engine that will allow a fast development. The development of the first version of the Executor rocket engine will continue, but the neccessary resources are limited for 2013 and 2014. The long development time for this engine was considered unacceptable under the present circumstances.

The Executor 2 rocket engine is fuelled with LOX and kerosene T1 and it has a vacuum thrust of 32 tons. It has a length of 1,7 m and a diameter of 1 m. The engine's total weight is 260 kg.

Photo gallery here


7 November 2013


Executor rocket engine reinforced concrete structure was completed


Executor rocket engine reinforced concrete structure was completed.
The team will start the integration of neccessary equipment for the engine test.


4 November 2013


The Executor rocket engine test facility is under construction


The Executor engine test facility is near completion. The Executor rocket engine is used by ARCA for the Haas rocket series and IAR-111 Excelsior supersonic airplane.

The ARCA team casted 140 tons of reinforced concrete.

Liquid fuel rocket engines of up to 80 tons of thrust could be tested on this facility. It is one of European Union's largest facilities of this type. In the next weeks, the facility will be equipped with rocket engine feed lines and tanks and a water cooling system. The rocket engines command, control and working parameters measurement will be also added.

Photo gallery here


26 September 2013


First ARCA flight in the ExoMars Program completed successfully


ARCA has successfully completed the validation test flight in the ExoMars Program High Altitude Drop Test (HADT), carried out in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

The launch took place from the Black Sea coast and comprised three pressurized containers containing the avionics equipment that will be necessary to test the ExoMars spacecraft parachute during the incoming future flights that will be performed by ARCA.

The objectives were flight testing the avionics and communication systems, demonstrating the containers sealing after sea landing and the capability to identify and recover the equipment from the sea surface.

Download the press release here

Photo gallery here

Mission video here


11 September 2013


ARCA has manufactured the kerosene tank for the Executor engine tests


The tank is constructed from composite materials and uses the same technology used in the manufacturing of the tank successfully tested until bursting in summer last year (video here).
This tank, with a smaller capacity, will be used for the first part of the engine tests and will allow a engine functioning duration of 30 seconds. After these tests are completed, a new tank with a four cubic meter capacity will be used in the testing installation.


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