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ARCA opened a Liquidity Pool for its AMiE token on Trader Joe Exchange.

Those who are interested can acquire the AMiE token in exchange to the USDC token, native in the Avalanche blockchain, or can contribute to the liquidity pool as liquidity providers..

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EcoRocket, a reusable, sea-launched, ecological propulsion, extremely cost-effective orbital launcher is ARCA's main hardware project. The first suborbital and orbital launches were scheduled for 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Due to launch licence delays and then the start of military operations in the Black Sea area, the launches had to be rescheduled. We are currently executing the procedures to relocate the launch activities in a different location that will be announced until the end of 2022. 
Meanwhile, ARCA performed an RCS system test to validate the vehicle's flight stability at sea level..



On July 18, 2022, ARCA announced the AMi Exploration Space & Crypto Program which takes the experience, knowledge, and dedication gained in the past 23 years by the ARCA team and puts it in a decade long project that targets the asteroid mining operations.

In order to achieve this ambitious objective of unlocking the biggest wealth through asteroid mining operations, we took the EcoRocket's cost-effective technology and put it in the EcoRocket Heavy, a rocket able to launch 24 tons into Low Earth Orbit. This is sufficient to launch the AMi Cargo spacecraft designed for asteroid mining operations starting with 2027.


EcoRocket is sea-launched, a procedure that allows high flexibility in terms of launch locations. It also offers the advantage of significantly reducing the development cost as no launch pad and associated infrastructure is needed.

In order to rehearse the launch procedure, ARCA performed a sea training in July 2021, on the Black Sea with the logistical support of a Romanian Navy ship


ARCA announced the EcoRocket on November 17, 2020. This is a small orbital rocket designed around two main features: cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, able to launch 10 kg to LEO.

The first two stages are reusable and use water-based propulsion technology that generates water vapours through cold reaction. The expandable third stage uses conventional hot rocket propulsion and it's ignited at high altitude, above the thick atmosphere. Both the first and second stage use the high efficiency aerospike engine technology. The whole rocket uses 86% water-based propellant. ARCA tested this technology at full-scale.

The whole program development cost only EUR 1 million, and the cost/launch was set at $390,000.

ARCA also announced that is developing a heavy version of EcoRocket that was announced in 2022 during the AMi Exploration Keynote.


We are a non-profit. Innovation is our core-value and we've always created cutting-edge technologies.

A huge THANK YOU to our sponsors, patrons from the Patreon platform, and to our donors! We really appreciate your continuous support!

The EcoRocket and AMi Exploration programs are financed from donations, sponsorships and from the AMi Token

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