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We are a non-profit. Innovation is our core-value and we've always created cutting-edge technologies. 

EcoRocket is designed around two main features: cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness and it is designed to launch commercial payloads starting with 2021.

The EcoRocket Heavy will follow.


The first two stages are reusable and are using water-based propulsion technology that generates water vapours through cold reaction. The expandable third stage uses conventional hot rocket propulsion and it's ignited at high altitude, above the thick atmosphere. Both the first and second stage use the high efficiency aerospike engine technology. The whole rocket uses 86% water-based propellant. ARCA already tested this technology at full-scale.


EcoRocket is sea-launched, directly from the sea surface, the first sea trials taking place on the Black Sea, in July 2021.


EcoRocket is competing in the European Commission's 10 million Euros competition that aim to stimulate the creation of new, small orbital launchers that are cost effective and friendly to the environment.

The whole program development cost only 1,000,000 Euros and the cost/launch is $390,000. The first orbital flight is scheduled for 2022.

This program is financed only from donations and sponsorships. Support us fulfill this goal:

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