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INTERCEPTOR - Episode 1, Preview 3: From Zero to A1  #antiballistic #arcaspace #rocket #interceptor

INTERCEPTOR - Episode 1, Preview 3: From Zero to A1 #antiballistic #arcaspace #rocket #interceptor

Hello and welcome to the first episode from the Interceptor, the video series that is going to take you deep into the secrets of actually building this kind of rocket and it’s going to show you things that no aerospace university in the world, no book, no scientist will ever teach you. This is the core value the Interceptor video series is going to teach you: how to build and launch rockets in a cost effective way, a way you didn’t even imagine to be possible, and on top of that we are going to use as an example an anti-ballistic interceptor. In this first episode we will discuss the actual philosophy behind the design, fabrication, testing and launch of our rockets. This philosophy is build on two main pillars: cost effectiveness and sustainability. This video contains never seen before footage and historical data, exclusive new information regarding the steam-propulsion technology in regard to the ecological chemical heating system and way more. Video Content: - 1998, ARCA was founded - 1998, the idea of ecological rockets - 1999, the need for cost effectiveness - 2002, a cost effective and ecological rocket engine - The cost-effective rockets. Everyone tried and failed - 2017, I was forced to succeed - The realisation - 2018, the Launch Assist System (LAS) - Ecological rockets - 2019, the public reception - 2020, EcoRocket might be the key to all of it - 2021, EcoRocket must be stopped - ARCA strikes back - Conclusions This first episode is made available to our Patreon supporters free of charge. Thank you very much for your continuous support! Full video on Patreon Shop:


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