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May 3, 2024 - The A1 interceptor, fit-check with the launch structure

The A1 interceptor was placed on the launch structure in preparation for the first launch.

The A1 is a strategic, anti-ballistic and hypersonic missile interceptor developed by ARCA and general Astronautics, aiming to create a new layer of very low-altitude anti-ballistic defence, not covered so far by any other anti-missile system.

The A1 releases a dome of millions of pellets, chaff and flare in the path of the incoming missiles which will hit the dome at hypersonic and supersonic speeds, disabling or even destroying the attacking vehicle at impact.

The A1 follows our policy in regard to the development of exclusively non-lethal, non-offensive weapons.

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April 9, 2024 - Interceptor video series available on Patreon

The new Interceptor video series is going to take you deep into the secrets of actually building cost-effective rockets, giving you the knowledge to actually build a strategic anti-ballistic interceptor and rockets with weights in the range of tens of tons.

Interceptor is going to show you things that no aerospace university, no book, no scientist, no other company will ever teach you. The shared information is the result of 25 years of experience of building rockets and running a company in a cost effective way,  you may never imagine possible. 

If you think that you know what a cost-effective rocket is, this video series will make you think differently.

The video series is released on Patreon in two versions, Standard and Premium:

- The Standard version will cost $99/episode and is going to provide you with detailed information on how to build a strategic anti-ballistic interceptor.

- The Premium version will cost $999/episode, and is going to provide you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to actually build a strategic anti-ballistic interceptor.

The current and future Patreon members will benefit from exclusive video content about the EcoRocket, Commercial EcoRocket and A1 programs. 

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December 25, 2023 - A1, ballistic and hypersonic missile strategic interceptor


ARCA Space and General Astronautics started the fabrication of A1, a ballistic and hypersonic missiles strategic interceptor.

A1 is designed to defend military infrastructures like command centres, logistical hubs, naval, air and ground forces bases, as well as civilian assets like industrial and energy facilities, civil engineering constructions and urban areas. 

The A1’s warhead weights 10 tons and it contains between 200.000 to 2.000.000 projectiles alongside infrared and radar decoys, depending of the type of target that needs to be intercepted.

The A1 interceptor fills the gap in the anti-missile systems offer due to its ability to engage at low altitudes, nuclear and conventional Multiple Independently-targetable Reentry Vehicles (MIRV) and Reentry Vehicles (RV) deployed by ICBM, SLBM, IRBM, MRBM.

The A1 interceptor is also designed to intercept SRBM/TBM, as well as hypersonic and supersonic guided missiles, working in conjunction with currently deployed anti-ballistic interceptors.

The A1 follows our policy in regard to the development of exclusively non-lethal, non-offensive weapons.

More details soon.

December 21, 2023 - The MIRTV, hypersonic RTV and booster presented at the COSMOBASE 


The anti-ballistic training against nuclear strikes was made easier with the release of MIRTV and hypersonic RTV from ARCA.

The three-unit MIRTV is designed to actively-simulate the terminal flight of a nuclear or conventional MIRV launched by ballistic missiles.

The MIRTV is launched by the CER-1200MIRTV rocket and it has a launch weight of 1,000kg, including the booster, which accelerates the MIRTV during descend to speeds up to Mach 4.4.

The booster is also able to deliver just one hypersonic Reentry Vehicle (RV) with a reentry speed of Mach 6.6.

These vehicles are designed as targets for the training of antiballistic forces.

Currently ARCA and General Astronautics are going through the certification phase for the MIRTV and the hypersonic RTV with two European military forces.

More photos.

More about MIRTV on

November 9, 2023 - EcoRocket Nano / CER-160TR Artillery Target Rocket Test


ARCA and General Astronautics executed a test with the CER-160TR (160mm caliber), canister-based artillery target rocket, currently under military homologation for two European military forces.

Mission 11 test took place on November 9, 2023 from the COSMOBASE with the objective to validate the launch procedure and the launch sequence involving the canister and the actual vehicle. The vehicle was fuelled wit 8% from its total propellant tank capacity and the engine was throttled-down to keep the same thrust to weight ratio as in the case of a fully fuelled rocket, in order to only perform the canister exit sequence.

Read more about Mission 11.

More photos.

October 4, 2023 - Asteroid Mining Capsule and Reentry Target Vehicle Drop Tests


During Mission 12, the asteroid mining test capsule was subject to a drop test to confirm the validity of the no-parachutes crash landing design for the AMi Exploration Program. Aerodynamic and stability data were also collected by the onboard sensors. Read more about Mission 12.

The Reentry Target Vehicle (RTV) was drop tested during Mission 16. This vehicle serves as target which simulates the terminal flight of nuclear warheads, for the training of antiballistic forces. Read more about Mission 16.

More photos.

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