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A1, MIRTV, military products designed to save lives

As it became obvious that the modern warfare is relying almost exclusively on missiles, ARCA is focusing on the development of products designed to combat the missile threat.

While the civilian rockets for space exploration still are and will always be our main focus, for now, we need to look into this topic of missile threat, by creating defensive military designs that are extremely cost effective and innovative.

This is the case of the Multiple Independent Reentry Target Vehicle (MIRTV) which simulates the flight of nuclear MIRV allowing the training of antiballistic forces to fight against ICBM threats.

Another product is the A1 strategic anti ballistic and hypersonic missile interceptor, designed to combat ICBM and hypersonic missile attacks, a product which, by intercepting its targets at very low altitude, also creates a new layer of anti ballistic defence.

The development of the A1 and CER products is in line with ARCA's policy of producing exclusively defensive, non-lethal weapons, with the proceeds being allocated to the development of the civilian AMi Exploration and EcoRocket programs.

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