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BREAKING NEWS: Two rocket launches in one day

ARCA executed the third launch with the CER-160TR, artillery target rocket.

The launch was performed during the military homologation process for the 160mm caliber rocket, aiming to improve the training of anti-missile forces.

The launch was recorded as Mission 18. This launch was executed at only two hours after Mission 17, from the same launch canister establishing a new premiere for ARCA, with two rocket launches in one day.

The fourth launch of the CER-160TR rocket is scheduled for September 2024.

The CER-160TR rocket costs 19,900 Euro and a civilian version it is also commercialy available.

The development of the CER-160TR product is in line with ARCA's policy of producing exclusively defensive, non-lethal weapons, with the proceeds being allocated to the development of the civilian AMi Exploration and EcoRocket programs.

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