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We fabricate the most cost effective rockets in the world

ARCA designed and is selling through General Astronautics the most cost effective rockets in the world.

We sale the 160mm, 500mm and 1200mm calibers. These rockets are designed for civilian as well as military applications, exclusively for defensive non-lethal purposes.

The most capable rocket with the most commercial and non-commercial applications is the 1200mm caliber.

The Universal Propulsion Module (UPM) is the base version that is used for the first two stages of the orbital EcoRocket, in which clusters of UPMs are forming orbital launch vehicles for payloads between 10kg (EcoRocket Demonstrator), up to 20 tons (EcoRocket Heavy).

Photo: Five UPMs are forming the EcoRocket 5, an orbital vehicle with the capability of 200kg to LEO.

The EcoRocket Heavy serves as a launch vehicle for the AMi Exploration, an asteroid mining program, using real life technology and a clear timeline, aiming at obtaining the first billion from asteroid mining in the next decade.

Through the use of the extremely cost effective EcoRocket technology, we found a way of making asteroid mining a feasible endeavor.

The UPM is also commercially available at €99,900, for civilian and military applications as posters and first stages for suborbital and orbital rockets.

The CER-1200TR target rocket replicates the flight of a Short Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM) and it is also sold as a suborbital commercial rocket.

The CER-1200/MIRTV (Multiple Independent Reentry Target Vehicle) simulates the flight of MIRVs in the terminal phase, flying at high supersonic speeds.

The CER-1200/RTV (Reentry Target Vehicle) simulates the flight of RVs in the terminal phase, flying at hypersonic speeds.

However, the most important military application of the 1200mm caliber is the A1A and A1B strategic anti ballistic and hypersonic missile interceptors, which operate at low altitudes, creating a new layer of missile defense, with the capability to engage a vast array of enemy missiles, by deploying millions of projectiles in the path of the hypersonic and supersonic missiles, above the defended areas.

Due to the use of benign steam propulsion, the UPM stages for the orbital applications are fully reusable.

All variants are ecological, the only by-products being water vapors and oxygen.

Through the EcoRocket technology, ARCA and General Astronautics created a new generation of rockets with state of the art features like 10-100x cost effectiveness, flexibility, reusability and sustainability.

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