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We were asked by military officials to build ballistic missiles. We declined!

Photo: The Multiple Independent Reentry Target Vehicle - MIRTV used for the training of antiballistic forces.

ARCA had a series of contacts in the past year with various militaries from around the world.

We’ve learned about a lot of military needs, and we received various requests.

The most impactful request was however related to the fabrication of ballistic missiles.

We politely declined and justified this by the already existing conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza and the tensions from various locations on the globe.

There are a lot of weapons out there, we don’t want to add more, especially that such ballistic missiles will be extremely cost effective, with a low radar observability, and it will easily overwhelm any anti ballistic defense only through the large number of units launched. And the numbers are scary in terms of cost. There could roughly be 5 SRBMs for one existing interceptor, and 30 ICBMs for one interceptor.

Furthermore, we want to stay ethical. Building defensive weapons is a positive thing, building offensive weapons is a completely different story and we don’t want to associate with this.

And, after all, what could be better than building anti-ICBM defenses through the A1 strategic interceptor, and MIRV targets to learn how to better engage and destroy ICBM’s, the most dangerous and destructive weapons ever created by mankind.

Photo: The A1 strategic anti-ballistic and hypersonic missile interceptor.

By building non-lethal weapons, we are proud of what we do. For our military technology there are no human enemies. Our enemies are exclusively the very offensive weapons the humans produce.

By declining to build ballistic missiles we might have lost some serious money, but we are definitely going to sleep well knowing that our technology, by intercepting ballistic missiles, and providing training on how to destroy them, will always protect life.

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