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General Astronautics is a Romanian company which commercialise ARCA's technologies and services.

While ARCA's non-profit activities are related exclusively to research and development, the General Astronautics for-profit activities are related to the production and sale of products and services developed by ARCA and the company itself.

Stock ownership

ARCA's and General Astronautics military products are enjoying tangible interest from NATO and Gulf Area armed forces.

In order to further develop the products, establish the production and go through the military homologation process based on the target schedule, General Astronautics is open for investments starting with May 2024.
Beside the military products, General Astronautics is selling civilian suborbital rockets designed for research institutes, space agencies, universities, etc

Our commercial products:

AMiE Crypto

ARCA is also developing the EcoRocket orbital vehicle and the AMi Exploration, asteroid mining vehicle, a project backed by ARCA's AMiE Crypto.

The EcoRocket orbital cargo launch services and the asteroid mining sales are also performed by General Astronautics.

For the military and civilian suborbital rockets and for orbital launch services the use of AMiE Crypto allows the buyer to get a 10% discount.

For more details about AMiE Crypto:

Get in touch

To become a shareholder of General Astronautics and own AMiE Crypto, let's get in touch at:

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